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Colours For Dark Eyes

Choosing the right colours for your eyes is an easy task for those with light coloured eyes. Naturally light eye colours will take almost any colour, shade and design, but just because you have darker eyes that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with coloured contact lenses. Try opaque colour contacts, they are designed specifically for dark eyes. However, enhancing contact lenses only enrich the natural hue of your eyes and so won’t make too much of a difference to your eye colour.


Contact lenses for dark eyes

There are many contact lenses available that suit darker eyes that will help you instantly transform your look. There are also contacts for dark eyes that allow you to experiment with the pattern of your eyes. You can try patterns such as spirals or batik, which will instantly give your look the wow factor.

 Here are a few tips to help you create you new look:

For the natural look:

  • For people with dark hair, eyes and dark complexions green contacts and aqua colours will boost the intensity of your eyes.

  • For those with dark hair, eyes and a light complexion dark blue contact lenses and greys can help make your eyes stand out and bring new life into them.

  • For people with dark eyes, hair and a medium to dark complexion again keep with the green and aqua colours to create a natural gleaming look.


For a more extreme look:

  • Like with the guide for a natural look, it is advisable to stay away from contacts that are moderately white as your natural colour could show through.

  • If you want to create the cat eye look, there is another colour way from white for you to try, the yellow cat’s eyes. Or maybe have a look at the panther contact lenses available.

  • For wacky ideas when clubbing, there is a lot to choose from for you dark eyes such as, Mod, Biohazard and Flame.

  • UV contacts will also be suitable to make an impact, as long as they are strong or dark colours.


Top tips:

  • Use contact cleaning solution to help maintain, improve the life span, but most importantly prevent any infections that could be caused if not stored properly.

  • Bear in mind your skin type and hair colour when looking for contact lenses, if you have darker skin and hair a light colour could make you look washed out.

  • Try false eyelashes to instantly open up your eye area and highlight you new eye colour.


Blue 3 Tone Contact Lenses Green Contact Lenses Yellow Batik Contact Lenses

Get the same effect of natural blue eyes with a pair of blue contact lenses for dark eyes


Why not see what green contact lensescould do for you. Have everyone going green with envy.


Try something a bit different, and experiment with patterns. These yellow batik lenses could be exactly what you are looking for



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